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Green fees booking service & golf tours

We have the most comprehensive selection of golf courses on the Canary islands. On our website you will find detailed information, advice and tips on each of the golf courses as well as recommendations and the possibility to book green fees.

At Canarias Golf Tours we provide everything you need so that you can fully enjoy your favourite sport whilst making the most of your stay in Canary Islands.

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Hotel booking service

Canary Islands has one of the most developed and professional hotel infrastructures in Europe.
Besides everything related to golf, we also offer accommodation services and we will recommend the most suitable accommodation for your needs.

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Special Golf Packages: golf, hotel and complementary activities

If you want to fully enjoy your stay in Canary Islands, at Canarias Golf Tours we offer your special golf packages which include golf, accommodation and a complete list of complementary activities to choose from that will allow you to know and enjoy the essence of the island: culture, cuisine, shopping and much more. Canary Islands has so much to offer its visitors!

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Transport services: Car rental and transfers

Do you need a transfer from the airport to the hotel, between the different golf courses or to enjoy any of the complementary activities?
Or do you prefer a rental car that allows you to move freely around the island?

At Canarias Golf Tours we can deal with your transport requirements during your stay, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are interested in our transport services, let us know through your private area after you made your booking.

Other complementary activities

Cultural visits to museums, tours of the historic centre for the main cities, shopping afternoons, dinners at the best restaurants, wine tastings, excursions and endless possibilities to complement your stay on the island.

At Canarias Golf Tours we organise everything you need to get the most out of your visit. After making your reservation, we will contact you to offer our wide range of activities.

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